Hamilton Defenders

“The office of President will never fall to the lot of any man who is not in an eminent degree endowed with the requisite qualifications” — Alexander Hamilton, The Federalist Papers : No. 68

19-year-old Hamilton Elector Levi Guerra’s story

From the synopsis:

A short profile of 19-year-old Latina Democratic Elector Levi Guerra who was one of the first to become a “Hamilton Elector” and publicly announce that she is not voting for Donald Trump and wants to see a unity candidate. This video is part of a trip Levi took to Salt Lake City in which she talks about trying to persuade Republican Electors to dump Trump and unite behind a more moderate, acceptable Republican for the good of the country.

Democratic elector Levi Guerra interviews Republican elector Kris Kimball

From the synopsis:

19-year-old Washington State Democratic Elector Levi Guerra meets with Utah Republican Elector Kris Kimball to discuss changing the law to allow electors to vote their conscience. Levi is part of the “Hamilton Electors,” a group of electors who have announced they’re not voting for Donald Trump but are advocating choosing a unity candidate instead that would bring the nation together.

Hamilton Elector Cofounder Bret Chiafalo’s Message to Electors

From the synopsis:

Bret Chiafalo, the cofounder of Hamilton Electors, offers up support to those Republican Electors who do not want to vote for Donald Trump for president when the Electoral College meets but are afraid of going public. Chiafalo, as an elector himself, is citing founding Father Alexander Hamilton and the Federal [sic] Papers in calling on electors to vote for a unity candidate instead of Trump whom he deems unfit for office.

Hamilton Elector Cofounder Bret Chiafalo's Message to Electors from Joshua Grossberg on Vimeo.

Electors Request Security Briefing on Russian Hacking

Six presidential electors today called on President Obama to direct the CIA to release its findings on Russia’s attempt to influence the U.S. presidential election in time for all electors to consider it before the Electoral College meets on Dec. 19. In a letter to Obama, the six electors—from California, Texas, Colorado, and Washington state—said it would be a “dereliction…